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IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union  IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union  IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union  IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union   
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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Many more transmission and drivetrain questions can answered in our forums
  1. What kinds of performance upgrades do you normally perform on my transmission?
  2. What kind of transmission fluid do you recommend? Synthetic? Petroleum?
  3. Can you custom build me a torque converter?
  4. Why should I choose one of your transmissions over a competitor's transmissions?
  5. What kind of performance clutches do you normally recommend?
  6. What kind of product support do you provide?

Question 1

The modifications that are performed vary greatly with the transmission being worked on but can generally be categorized in two ways - hydraulic modifications and mechanical modifications. Hydraulic modifications are performed to increase the holding capacity of the clutches and bands. This accomplishes two things - it greatly improves shift feel and also reduces slippage, which extends the life of the clutches and bands. In other words, if you show the transmission more power you must, at the same time, increase it's holding capacity or it won't live.

The second category, mechanical modifications, are pretty simple-you must install parts that won't break when subjected to more horsepower than they were originally designed for. Whether that means the application of a cryogenic treatment, a metalax process or the replacement of that part with that of a superior material or design, it is imperative that any inherent weakness to that particular unit is addressed.

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Question 2

For 95% of high stress applications, synthetic oil is recommended over "dinosaur oil". It runs cooler, lasts longer, is more dimensionally stable at extreme hot and cold temperatures, and is just a better lubricant. We normally use Amsoil synthetic fluid, but it varies from application to application.

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Question 3

Yes, we build many custom torque converters. The advantage to having a converter that is made for you're specific vehicle is that the fin design, and consequently the stall and torque multiplication characteristics, is going to be optimum for the application. If no two modified vehicles are exactly the same, it stands to reason that their converters can't be the same either. There truly is a difference between a converter that is correct versus one that is almost correct.

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Question 4

One of the advantages of our shop is that it is not set up as an assembly line - like some of the other performance transmission shops are. Here, one technician completes the entire rebuild process start to finish - we don't have to worry about whether four people working on one trans all did their job. In addition to that, the owners of IPT, oversee everything that gets done - they often rebuild some of the transmissions themselves. The quality control here is very, very strict.

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Question 5

The performance clutch that is recommended really depends a lot on the application. There are a lot of great clutches out there, but put them where they don't belong and the car is going to respond negatively. For example, if you have fast drag car with a lot of boost and you put a regular street performance type of clutch in it would probably not have the required clamping force to keep it from slipping and pretty soon it would fail. Most people make the opposite mistake, though - they put in a clutch that would take one of those strong men that you see on ESPN 2 to get the pedal to the floor. They end up with car that becomes almost undrivable, or at least they hate to drive it. Just like most things, you have to find out what your customer needs and then match it to the application on an individual basis.

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Question 6

We definitely stand behind our products. Not only do we build transmissions we're also racers. If one of our customers needs a stall speed adjustment, we get it done. If someone needs us to go to the track with them to help sort out their combination we get there. Our phone is always open, we don't make people feel as if what they are asking us is stupid. We've all been on the other side of this and it really does hold true that you should try to treat people the way that you would like to be treated.

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