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IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union  IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union  IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union  IPT Performance Transmissions accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union   
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IPT is an ATRA certified facility


IPT Valve Body Upgrade
"I would like to let everyone know about the outstanding customer service I received from John at IPT..."

-SAR Squid 79 (Lake Bluff, Illinois) @ Tacoma Territory

Any Manual guys want to play?! :) All I have to say is 3 letters IPT!
"ANYONE looking for DRAMATIC performance increase with the stock Subaru...It is AMAZING how the car is transformed!..."

- Scoobie STI (Ct.) @ NASOIC

A/T DSM finally in the 9's
"I want to thank John @ IPT for building me a fantastic transmission that has held together all year. The engine has been in and out of the car at least four times and the tranny just keeps working."

- Russ Coxe (Ijamsville, MD) @ DSM Tuners

"I just got my IPT restalled TC in and HOLY SHEEIT, what a difference!!! I brake boosted at the line with 22psi of boost and broke all the tires loose for a good second or two. John over at IPT answered all my questions and got the TC out to me real quick. Great company to deal with and they really know what they are doing over there! I am mega impressed and happy with the results. One of the best purchases I've made for my DSM!!"

- Matt (Buffalo, NY) @ DSM Tuners

12's finally!...
"First off thank you John and the crew at IPT for the tranny work (awesome work guys)... I then had the tranny totally rebuilt and FULLY built by John at IPT once I heard of them. Talke to John a few times a figured I felt completely safe with this shop and the work. Even drove a few hours to meet him. This man did a thourough job guys!... So ask yourself the next time you need tranny work done if IPT should be your choice for parts or work...Thanks again John and I am happy that I reached my goal!"

- Leo (Reading, PA) @ DSM Tuners

"Just got my valve body upgraded by John (Transdude) at and it works great. It shifts a lot quicker and firm. John did a great job with all the customer support I could ask for.You guys that are boosted should give this mod some serious consideration---it will save you clutches. Get in touch with John. He is a damn nice guy and easy to do business with."

- TRDOLMAN (Fremont, CA) @

"It'S DONE. I just got home from IPT, and am very happy with the work done. although no tire spinnage, I am happy with the results. John was a super nice guy who took time to explain things to me, and treated me more like a friend than a costumer."

- 4-RUNNIN' FREAK @ YotaTech Forums

"I got in touch with John (aka Tranzdude) at IPT transmissions about the problem and how to make it better. After a good conversation and a few emails I was convinced that this was the guy who I wanted to do the work. He said that he could build me a valve body that would take care of the problem and also get rid of the crappy shifting and help the tranny live a better life. Hopefully a longer life too. He built me a tweaked valve body with a mild shift kit complete with all new electronics and all I can say is that this thing shifts SO much better. Shifts are crisp but not harsh. This guy knows these trannies and how to make them work."

- Doug (South Jersey) @ JeepsUnlimited

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